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What Others Have To Say 
About Working With Ropella

“The Ropella Group introduced me to a high caliber senior executive from a leading company in the chemical industry, who proved to be the top candidate in our search process. Having hired this individual, I am delighted to confirm we have an excellent professional and true talent in our team. Clearly Ropella knows how to assess and position talent in the chemicals market.”
Simon Medley, Executive Vice President
“I’m so happy for the 2 hires Ropella made for SDI. Your diligent work, prompt follow up, and knowledge about the candidates were so impressive. More importantly, since it was the first time for me, as a small company owner, to work with your firm, your recommendations and tips on my other requests for “how to” and “what to” (e.g. how to interview, discuss money, etc.) were so helpful! You also fully understood my requirements and helped me analyze candidates one by one.”
Peter Zhang, President
Sandream Impact, LLC
“Patrick, Thank you for all that you and Ropella do for Dow. The processes and systems you have applied (from The Right Hire) while working with Dow have proved valuable over many years of service.” 
Andrew Liveris, Chairman and CEO
The Dow Chemical Company
“The team at Ropella was instrumental in sourcing the right candidate for our VP of R&D role. Pat specifically knew just how to persuade this HR Director (who doesn’t like to be pushed by recruiters) into making… one of the better staffing decisions for our company.”
Steve Blackhall, Director, Human Resources
EP Minerals, a U.S. Silica company

Chairman & CEO Ropella Group

Having dedicated his career to helping companies across the globe in sourcing, marketing to, assessing, recruiting, on-boarding, retaining, training and transforming top talent, Patrick Ropella has a global perspective on Executive Search and Talent Management.

He has worked across all roles and functions, cascading from the top levels of management to also placing apprentices coming straight out of college. Over the past 20+ years he has seen many individuals he’s personally assisted make career transitions, become well trained leaders, join the C-suite at many of the world’s largest corporations.
His experience within the global chemical industry as a dominant talent management leader allowed his firm, Ropella Group, to grow to the leading position it now holds with a wide variety of corporate clients with the chemical industry, transition to serving major consumer product companies, energy companies, Nano, Bio and other high technology companies.

Patrick has traveled extensively, meeting with middle level to C-level executives at the top 100 largest chemical and consumer product companies in the world, branding the "Ropella" name globally. He has successfully placed hundreds of senior level executives with top name companies, including but not limited to: DOW, DuPont, Exxon, Georgia Pacific, SONY, Anderson Windows, GE-Silicone, P&G, Clorox, Pfizer, BASF, PPG, Monsanto, Revlon, Baxter Labs, Sealy Mattress, Ciba Geigy, Johnson & Johnson, Shell, Sherwin Williams Paints, New Balance Tennis Shoes, and many more.

Patrick has written for a wide variety of trade publications, newspapers and business journals on subjects related to the topics covered in The Right Hire. His writings have also been published in Germany, Italy, Latin America and Asia.
Patrick and Robbie reside in Milton, FL. with sons Richard & Robert nearby.
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